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4 Best Occult Books for Everyone Interested in Genuine Magick

Given my love to the world of witchcraft and magic since early childhood (Harry Potter, Lovecraft, Charmed – thank you), it’s nothing of a big surprise that at some point I decided to plunge into the topic from almost scientific perspective. In this post, I’ll share my own compilation of the best occult books (witchcraft textbooks, guides to wizardry if you will), that are worth reading if you want to know more about real magic in real life.

Editor's Choice

This book contains everything you need to know about one of the most powerful magic tools – the mirror

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Best Occult Encyclopedia

With this illustrated reference book, you’ll learn how wizardry originated, developed, and what it is today

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Best Modern Guide to Tarot

For all beginning witches, this contemporary guide will tell all the basics of tarot to start practicing right away

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Best Genuine Occult Book

A book that not everyone will understand; mysterious and mighty, it will make you think and believe

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Top 4 Occult Books Review 2021

  • Useful: 9.7
  • Easy to read: 9.8
  • Layout and design: 9.8
  • Publication date: 2016

Each witch must have a mirror. Sure thing, not a regular one. It’s not just a part of your beauty bag; it’s a serious magic tool that has been used for a number of rituals since ancient times.

In this rather light-hearted book, you’ll know everything about this seemingly ordinary unit from the historical lore and traditions to practical guidelines on how to use it in modern life. You’ll learn all the spells and crafts from real witches: apart from fortune-telling, mirrors can be used for boosting your self-esteem and even enhancing your prosperity.

I really enjoyed the style it’s written in: fun and, however, insightful, the book has it all to spend your evenings wisely. It’s not a dull coursebook or encyclopedia; instead, it’s an absolutely brilliant compilation of the most essential and curious facts about mirror magick, the way mirrors were used in spiritualism, superstitions around them, ideas and uses for your own magical mirror. The paperback version is absolutely stunning: beautiful page design and marvelous artwork from the author herself.

  • Contains the most important historical facts on mirrors in magic
  • Spells and uses for your own mirror
  • Fun and easy to read
  • Incredible artwork
  • Too brief and basic for more experienced witches
  • Useful: 9.9
  • Easy to read: 9.3
  • Layout and design: 9.7
  • Publication date: 2016

For everyone interested in the way magic actually developed in reality, starting with early mentions in the Bible, Judaism, and Islam, my next pick is a must for you to read.

But first off, I must mention the book’s design. I believe it’s a crime to read such sort of books in electronic format, especially this one. The edition is heavy, with glossy pages, incredibly talented gothic artwork on the front and back covers, let alone the illustrations inside it. Simply flicking it through alone will give you that magical feeling of a mysterious, ancient book full of dark secrets.

The author, Christopher Dell, will walk you through the history of occultism and magic, from Ancient Times to Middle Ages to Renaissance to modern time. It’s a great overall look to witchcraft, with all the essential milestones which had an impact on what we know of this topic today, what all the pop culture is based on.

All in all, the book is a fantastic basic encyclopedia on what witchcraft started with, went through and looks like today. The illustrations (paintings, art, symbols, photos, and more) are of fantastic quality and are a useful addition to every chapter. It might not be a profound research or a serious scientific work, though it will be of use for everyone interested in the topic.

  • High-quality edition
  • Glossy pages
  • Covers all the milestones of occultism and witchcraft
  • Corresponding images all over it
  • Not an all-encompassing, profound scientific work

WTF is Tarot?: ...& How Do I Do It?Best Modern Guide to Tarot

  • Useful: 9.3
  • Easy to read: 9.5
  • Layout and design: 9.1
  • Publication date: 2017

Written by a tarot reader and, undoubtedly skilful writer, Bakara Wintner, this book is a great modern guide to the ancient art of tarot. If you’re unfamiliar to it and want to get acquainted with the meaning of cards, the spreads, and how to read them for others, this is the place to start.

The book is quite thin, just 150 pages, but it contains only the most essential information, everything you need to start practicing right away. Despite its modest size, the edition is quite decent: the pages are of high quality and the bound is super handy – the book stays open even without holding it.

The information is presented in an easily digestible way making the art of cartomancy approachable even for novices. Each arcana card is accompanied by a personal anecdote from the author’s real life so that the whole thing looks trustworthy and personified.

This no-nonsense little guide is a fantastic start for inexperienced witches. It’s written in a easy-going, relatable tone so that it doesn’t get boring as you absorb all the basics of this ancient art of fortune-telling. Bakara knows what she’s talking about, the edition includes not only info on tarot, but also crystal healing, chakras, meditation, and more. For experienced tarot readers, this little reference book might seem too casual and even amateur.

  • Easily digestible guide to tarot
  • Awesome for beginning modern witches
  • No-nonsense
  • High-quality paperback edition
  • Rather amateur approach
  • Not for experienced fortune-tellers

The Book of the LawBest Genuine Occult Book

  • Useful: 8.9
  • Easy to read: 8.3
  • Layout and design: 9.0
  • Publication date: 1904

Created in a mysterious way, over a century ago, this little book is not for everyone. It’s not an ordinary description of what magick is, how it originated, or what it includes. It is the magick itself.

Allegedly, The Book of the Law appeared as a result of Rose Crowley entering a light trance after her husband Aleister Crowley used the Bornless Ritual on her. Rose repeated “They’re waiting for you” several times, without acknowledging it, of course. At Rose’s direction, her husband wrote the three chapters of The Book of the Law which, as he assures, were dictated to him by a spirit/ghost/substance who called himself Aiwass.

The result was as mysterious as the story above. The Book of the Law is a compilation of dogmas, laws of life, which look more like rewritten key ideas from the Old Testament. Crowley later created his own philosophy and religion, Thelema, which still has followers all over the world. This book is the central element and the basis of the whole concept.

I can’t discuss the details of the contents, and my overall impression. Also, I actually burnt the book after reading it. The two quotes will probably explain why:

The study of this Book is forbidden. It is wise to destroy this copy after the first reading.

Those who discuss the contents of this Book are to be shunned by all, as centres of pestilence.

  • Truly magickal old work
  • Created in strange circumstances
  • Contains wise ideas worth thinking over
  • Basis of Thelema
  • Not for everyone
  • The book needs to be destroyed after reading it


As you might have noticed, my compilation is not designated for serious, professional magicians and witches. I only included the books I read myself, and I don’t consider myself being somewhat other than just a person interested in the topic. To learn what occult is all about, in a quick, easy way, don’t overlook The Occult, Witchcraft and Magic: An Illustrated History which will walk you through the main milestones of magick. Interested in cartomancy? WTF is Tarot?: …& How Do I Do It? is a modern, even fun explanation of this ancient art. The Witch’s Mirror: The Craft, Lore & Magick of the Looking Glass is a handy little guide for beginning witches, which contains all the basics needed to start practicing mirror magick, even if you’re a complete muggle. The Book of the Law is undoubtedly the most serious and genuine work in this topic, which will undoubtedly create that mystical, spooky atmosphere you’re probably looking for.

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