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4 Steamiest Lesbian Erotica Books That You Don’t Want to Read in Public

While probably being not the most wide-spread literary topic, female love is something worth reading about. Whether you belong to the LGBT community or not, you’ll definitely enjoy these tender, passionate, and, sometimes, dramatic stories. In this post, I’ll share my little compilation of the best lesbian erotica books I’ve come across over the past several years.

Editor's Choice

This erotica is not only steamy, but also romantic, insightful, and deeply psychological

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Best Office Lesbian Erotica

A book about your most hidden yet irresistible fantasies about your lady boss

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Best Light Lesbian BDSM

A fresh lesbian erotica novel that will keep you aroused till the last page

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Most Arousing Setting

Can passion arise between two stranger girls in just 13 hours? How about love?

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Top 4 Lesbian Erotica Books Review 2021


The Sex Therapist Next DoorEditor's Choice

  • Plot rating: 9.8
  • Writing style rating: 9.7
  • Frequency of sex scenes: 9.2
  • Publication date: 2018

O’Brien is a widely known lesbian erotica fiction writer with thousands of positive ratings and reviews on GoodReads. I came across her “The Sex Therapist Next Door” in a local book store, and, actually, wasn’t too enthusiastic about it since I knew nothing about the author back then. I was only attracted by the name of the novel, that was it.

To my great surprise, I read, no, binge-read it in a couple of evenings. I was intrigued by not the hot scenes alone, but by the storyline, mainly. Who knew regular erotica could be something more than just a bunch of sex scenes?

The main character, Diana, is a sex therapist with deep emotional trauma. She survived an abusive relationship and, expectedly, doesn’t seem to want any emotional intimacy in the foreseen future herself. Ironically, she needs to teach others the importance of healthy sexuality.

Her neighbor, Jude, has a crush on Diana. So no wonder when the sex therapist next door out of a sudden invites her to be an assistant at a sexual education workshop, Jude doesn’t need to think for long. A beautiful lesbian affair starts from now on, and who knows, maybe that’s what Diana was looking for to get rid of the ghosts of her past?

An unusually deep erotic story which is not only steamy as hell, but also romantic. O’Brien makes you actually care about her characters, their feelings, thoughts, fears, and desires. It’s not only an erotic novel, it’s a story of an emotional revolution of two women – the one that is scared to be loved and the one that wants to love and to be loved in return.

  • Well-thought psychological storyline
  • Fast-paced
  • Steamy sex scenes
  • Might seem too serious if you’re looking for a light erotic read

The X IngredientBest Office Lesbian Erotica

  • Plot rating: 9.0
  • Writing style rating: 9.1
  • Frequency of sex scenes: 9.2
  • Publication date: 2019

The good old office romance, an erotic version of Devil Wears Prada, a fantasy of many young girls applying for one of their first jobs. These are the first thought that came to my mind when I finished reading the last chapter.

Diana Parker is a mature, confident business woman who knows what and how she wants. She’s a successful lawyer in one of the most prestigious law firms in Atlanta. Diana is looking for a young assistant who soon shows up.

And everything seems to be out of place: her pink hair, her immaturity, too cute young face and too big blue eyes. Diana knows Laurie Holcombe is a mess, however there’s something in her that keeps Diana eager to spend more time with her new assistant.

Sure thing, they can’t resist the mutual attraction. We soon become witnesses of an incredibly twisted love affair, filled with passion and uncontrollable desire. The two lost souls are getting cured by each other’s passion, and later, even love.

The book is more of lesbian romance, than hardcore kinky BDSM. Which is definitely not a minus whatsoever. The sex scenes are many, and what’s the best about them – they are not repetitive. Each is a unique, steamy, insane, and, nevertheless, tender act of love. A must-read for those looking for an erotic novel with elements of psychology, typical love story, and drama.

  • Well thought-through characters
  • Obvious evolution of both
  • Incredible sex scenes which are not repetitive
  • The plot is somewhat too predictable

MasqueradeBest Light Lesbian BDSM

  • Plot rating: 8.1
  • Writing style rating: 9.6
  • Frequency of sex scenes: 9.8
  • Publication date: 2020

Madeleine Taylor’s “Masquerade” is something I would call high-end erotica. Despite being written in an easy-to-read manner, you wouldn’t call this novel regular pulp fiction. It’s polished, thrilling, and consensual, all at once.

The plot is, however, quite simple. Ivy, a nightclub singer, comes to visit her friend Tessa in New Orleans. It seems like Tessa wants to impress her friend as much as possible by showing her how diverse and unconventional her city is. The girls go to a closed, invitation-only event, just for women. Women wearing masks and hiding something more intriguing than just their faces.

Ivy meets a mysterious, beautiful, and, well, kinky woman who calls herself Phantom and claims the girls her guests. From this moment forward, the novel is filled with intriguing dialogues and fast-paced events; the atmosphere becomes heated and seducing. We’re witnessing the two women not just getting attracted by each other, but starting to feel something much more than that.

The book is filled with hot, light BDSM scenes that are sure to keep your eyes glued to each page. There’s nothing too much about the erotica part; however, everything is described in a provocative, yet healthy way. The plot might not be that twisted or unexpected, and the, let’s call it, easy-going attitude of the main character might seem too weird and unnatural to some readers. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a sexually adventurous lesbian erotica novel, you simply must give this one a try.

  • Filled with hot scenes
  • Beautiful, healthy femme BDSM
  • 1st person POV lets feel oneself more involved
  • Short and quick to read
  • Not the most intriguing storyline
  • Strange, unexplained “yes-girl” behavior of the main heroine

Thirteen HoursMost Arousing Setting

  • Plot rating: 9.3
  • Writing style rating: 9.4
  • Frequency of sex scenes: 8.2
  • Publication date: 2008

Another fantastic story by Meghan O’Brien, one of her early works, judging by the publication date and the amount of reviews it got on different literary portals and online shops.

Dana Watts is a typical workaholic with no personal life whatsoever. She’s married to her job, spends days and nights there pretending she has no other wishes, dreams, and desires, others than to work hard. So, even when it’s her birthday, Dana decides on nothing better than to keep working and pretend it’s just another day.

Luckily, Dana has a friend who’s both eagle-eyed and caring. She’s been suspecting than Dana is a closeted lesbian, and doesn’t even know about it, or rather has no time and courage to give this thought a try. On her birthday night, Dana gets an unexpected gift: a lap dance from a young and hot woman.

Irritated and furious, Dana walks the girl out of the building. Almost. While in the elevator, the women get stuck for a whopping 13 hours. Enough to get to know each other, reveal your inner lesbian desires, have mind-blowing sex, and even fall in love.

A lesbian romance story about two beautiful, but lonely women, their concealed wishes, and eventually revealed true selves. The sex scenes are not that many (understandable given the plot and the setting), but the emotional intimacy between the MCs and their in-detail described dirty thoughts about each other fully compensate it.

  • Untypical storyline
  • Both MCs are interesting to watch in their change
  • Unusual and arousing setting
  • More romance than erotica
  • Wish there were more sex scenes


Reading about female love is a completely different experience, especially if you’ve never dealt with such books before. Whatever the topic is, it is always described as a tender, genuine, and provocative feeling, which will make you horny even before the actual sex scene begins. I loved The Sex Therapist Next Door and Thirteen Hours for this: you don’t even need to wait for the steamy hot female love acts descriptions to feel your heart beating as hell waiting for the climax of the story to happen. If you’re more into the actual sex scenes, you’ll love the Masquerade which is filled with kinky BDSM lesbian erotica. The X Ingredient seems like a nice combination of both, romance and erotica, so it won’t leave you unsatisfied in any regard.

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