About Me

When nothing seems to cheer you up, grab a good book, pour a cup of camomile tea, get under a blanket, and start reading. This is the remedy that works, no matter what happens.

Who am I?

About MeMy name’s Katrina Lehmann, I work as an editor and copywriter for a number of German and English websites. The advice you read above is not just an attempt to start this page poetically, it actually tells much about my hobbies, profession, and personality, just in a couple of words.

I do love reading, as you might have already guessed. Since my early years, it’s been the main hobby of my life: I remember myself always keeping a couple of books on my nightstand and never went to sleep without reading at least a dozen of pages. My whole family is of the same kind: everyone would read in the evening no matter what – even if the working day was long and hard. Reading has always been treated as the most preferable leisure time in my family; don’t get me wrong – we were normal, watched TV, went camping, and had warm intimate talks at the dinner table, but were also obsessed with books, literally everyone (my grandma, parents, little sister, and me), it just “ran in the family”, if you will.

As I was getting older, another passion started to invade me. My school was specializing in English, and I’m really thankful I got there. After several years of intense learning I realized I could combine the two favorite things of my life – books, and English. The second book on my nightstand was replaced by an English version, which was hard to read at times, especially when I started to study Shakespeare.

What was next?

Sure thing, after school I chose Linguistics and English Literature to study at the uni in Vancouver where I moved to. These were fun, educating, and eye-opening years which I still reminisce with nostalgia.

After the graduation, I stayed in Canada and worked as a translator for almost a year. Soon I realized it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for – sometimes it was fun, but limited my creativity at most times. I was offered the job of an editor and copywriter in one of the local digital agencies, and I finally got the freedom I needed. As a part of my work I have to deal with various sorts of sites: blogs, online shops, review sites, what not. Why not create my own one, which would combine the elements of each mentioned above? That’s how the idea of this blog came to my mind.

What is the blog about?

Whatever article you’re about to read is a collection of my actual favs, thoughts, and unbiased comments. Rest assured, no online shops or publishers sponsor me (I wish they were, maybe later, when I become a world-famous book critic).

I hope my book compilations will be of use for those in search of something new (or good old) to read. I’m always open to questions, and suggestions, so please leave comments at the bottom of each review or write directly to [email protected].